Pros and Cons of COBRA Coverage

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Cobra health insurance sparks debates across the United States. The reality is that Cobra can be a buffer for those who have lost their jobs. However, Cobra can also cover employee’s and their families if they pass away or are suddenly let go. This is only eligible for those who aren’t fired because of gross misconduct. Until you can secure other insurance, Cobra could be a viable solution. Of course, it doesn’t appeal to everyone and there are some who dislike the notion of Cobra too. So, what are the pros and cons of Cobra coverage?

Pro – It’s a Buffer When You Lose a Job

If you suddenly are made redundant or are fired, in some instances, Cobra health insurance can be there to assist you. Basically, it’s a buffer and can be a great option to consider until you find other coverage. What’s more, if you or your spouse suddenly passed away, that might also be covered by Cobra. Of course, you would need to read the terms of the policy first.

Con – Limited-Time Coverage

People are frustrated at Cobra health insurance because it only covers them for a specific period – eighteen months to be exact. If the economy is on a downswing or you struggle to find a job, those eighteen months can fly by and then you start to stress out. However, if you’re lucky enough to find a new position in-between that time, then great. While some view Cobra’s limited time coverage as a positive, others see it as a negative.

Pro – The Same Coverage as Before

One of the more impressive features of Cobra is that regardless of the insurance you had previously, you keep the same for the duration. That’s important and helps to keep the stress down to a bare minimum. Even the process is the same when you need to file an insurance claim; that’s a huge benefit, to say the least. It’s useful for those who stress at any little change, and the policy remains the same too. Cobra health insurance does offer a useful solution for thousands each year. Learn more!

Con – Quite Expensive

A major downside to Cobra health insurance is how expensive it can be. Remember, your employer isnt going to pay the premiums so you have to. If you have very limited funds each month, that might prove to be a problem. It’s going to be a burden on your shoulders, so while it does have it’s upsides, this is a major negative, to say the least.

Get Insured And Stay Safe

Health insurance remains crucial, it doesn’t matter how old you are or the type of industry you work in. It’s essnetial to have suitable – and sufficient – coverage. Without it, you can be left in a terrible financial situation. Of course, it doesn’t help when you lose your job and your health benefits. Fortunately, it’s possible to continue coverage through Cobra. It mightn’t be the ideal solution for everyone, however, it’s a viable one until other insurance is found. Cobra health insurance is an option to consider. Find out more at

What Is CHIP? How Does It Work?

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Health insurance remains crucial for families around the U.S. Unfortunately, low income earners struggle to afford private health care for themselves and their children. While there is government plans available, sometimes even they can be out of reach. As strange as sounds, you can be a low earner but still not qualify for Medicaid. If that happens to you, it’s worrying because you want your children to have health insurance. Fortunately, CHIP might be an avenue to consider. So, CHIP – what is it?

Understanding CHIP

CHIP is the Children’s Health Insurance Program and this, essentially, offers coverage for an affordable cost. This program covers children from the time of their birth until they reach the age of eighteen. And, it’s an important program for children and families who can’t afford private health coverage. CHIP is useful if your family doesn’t qualify for Medicaid. In some instances, families can earn above the Medicaid threshold even though they can’t afford private health insurance Texas.

How Does This Program Work?

If you qualify for CHIP, you need to choose a health plan and a doctor. Costs are incredibly reasonable, although co-payments have to be made for some medical services. Most families don’t pay more than $50 per year so that’s very affordable. This health insurance program is fantastic for families across the country. And, the program covers things such as:

  • Eye Care
  • Doctor Visits
  • Dental Care
  • Medical Prescriptions
  • Hospital Visits and Care

CHIP does offer coverage for a variety of health care visits and treatments so that’s ideal. Health insurance Texas can be a lot more affordable with CHIP. And, if you have a young family but can’t afford private insurance, this may be a viable option. Of course, you do have to qualify for CHIP. Know more here!

Is CHIP The Best Health Insurance Solution for Low-Income Families?

CHIP isn’t perfect and there will be some limitations over what it can provide and who will be eligible for it. However, it’s a great option to consider if you can’t afford private health care or qualify for Medicaid. If you’re a low earner and have children, but don’t qualify for public assistance, it’s crucial to look at CHIP. It can be a great solution to consider and it might ensure your children get the necessary health  insurance Texas they need.

Should You Choose CHIP For Your Child?

If you don’t have any health or medical insurance for your child and are eligible for CHIP, it’s wise to consider the program. It’s a potential lifeline for your family, especially if you qualify for it and have no other insurance options available. CHIP is there for families who don’t have insurance and can’t afford private coverage. CHIP is a good health insurance option and one which might come in use at some point.

Get Coverage for Your Children

Everyone should have some form of health or medical insurance. It’s a crucial element of life and without it, you could face staggering healthcare bills. Even if you’re a low-income family, CHIP might be the appropriate solution to your coverage problems. It’s a program set up for children of parents with low income and who don’t qualify for Medicaid. CHIP is a fantastic option and one of the smartest ways to get the necessary health insurance Texas. Click here for further details:

7 Facts About COBRA Health Insurance You Should Know

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The CONSOLIDATED OMNIBUS RECONCILIATION ACT, ‘cobra health insurance, was acquainted in 2017 with a guarantee that workers, who are individuals from a business supported gathering health insurance plans, have a protected course of proceeding with coverage in case of termination. You may apply for COBRA regardless of whether the ending is voluntary.


Cobra health insurance offers security to workers in case of termination (not pertinent on account of termination for net wrongdoing); however, limitations rely upon your conditions.

Despite rapid economic changes, for example, those exacted by the COVID 19 pandemic, the demonstration gives a proportion of progression when health is a primary concern.

It isn’t required for you to demand an augmentation of your insurance (under COBRA); however, before settling on a choice, you have to comprehend the seven circumstances we talk about in this article andwhere to go for an activity or additional data.


This is a government law under which you are qualified to proceed with your boss put together a health insurance policy concerning similar terms for up to eighteen years and a half from the date you lost coverage. The occasion could be that your business was terminated (as over), your privilege to bunch enrollment is by the excellence of your mate’s work, and you have along these lines gotten separated.

COBRA is likewise called “cobra health insurance.”COBRA


As a rule, you will get a notification from the advantages head or your gathering health plan exhorting you that your plan coverage is concluding, and you can apply for COBRA when you are told aside from(as above) if coverage stops as the aftereffect of separation.


On the off chance that you are qualified for cobra health insurance, for example, you are an individual from an Employer-supported health insurance plan, and your coverage stops oris going to stop either because your business is terminated you surrendered, your manager needs to illuminate the executive.When your plan chairman comes to think about your new circumstance, you will have the option to consider the choices open to you in your 60-day Special Enrollment Period. Click here for more about cobra health insurance.


The term time for COBRA is commonly 18 and three years. During this time, you are qualified to expand the coverage you would have had if your work had proceeded. You will be answerable for both yourown and a lot of the premium +2% organization fee.[COBRA is certifiably not a modest choice be that asit may, in certain conditions, speaks to the ‘best value’]

COBRA Fact 5

Converse with your State Health Insurance Program (SHIP) or your commercial center Health Exchange to survey your alternatives before selecting cobra health insurance coverage.

COBRA Fact 6

If you are an individual from a business supported gathering plan as a relative either as a life partner or ward (matured under 26), you will stop to be qualified for insurance on the organization plan on the off chance that you are lawfully separated from the passing worker coverage, or you are under a parental plan and turn 26.Either occasion opens a Special Enrollment Period.You must tell the plan overseer about the circumstance within 60 days of ‘the occasion.’

COBRA Fact 7

Most working-age Americans are individuals from boss supported health insurance plans. This is rapidly evolving. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic andthe changing economic climate, many of us are compelled to reconsider our needs. If your cobra health insurance coverage stops, you have, much ofthe time, the chance of a SEP. Utilize this to investigate the Market and discover the plan that bests your new conditions.

Everything you need to know about COBRA health insurance

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Enormous bosses in the U.S., those with at least 50 all-day laborers, are needed to give cobra health insurance to their passing representatives by paying a piece of insurance premiums.1 If a worker gets ineligible to get a business’ health insurance benefits—which can occur for an assortment of reasons (for example, getting laid off or falling under a base edge number of hours worked every week)—the business may quit paying a lot of the representative’s health insurance premiums.

Note that COBRA is a health insurance coverage program, and plans may cover physicians’ recommended drugs, dental medicines, and vision care. It does exclude life insurance and disability insurance.

Requirements for COBRA Health Insurance

There are various arrangements for multiple workers and others who might be qualified for cobra health insurance coverage. Notwithstanding meeting these standards, qualified representatives can ordinarily get COBRA coverage following specific qualifying occasions, as talked about underneath.


Representatives meet all requirements for COBRA coverage in case of the accompanying:

  • Voluntary or automatic occupation misfortune (besides in instances of gross unfortunate behavior,for example, the 2020 Covid pandemic.
  • A decline in the number of long periods of work bringing about loss of manager insurance coverage.


Notwithstanding the two passing occasions for representatives (over), their mates can fit the bill for cobra health insurance all alone if the accompanying conditions are met:

  • Covered worker gets qualified for Medicare
  • Divorce or lawful partition from the covered representative
  • Death of the covered employee

The worker or recipients must advise the plan in case of separation, lawful partition, or a youngster’s ward status deficiency.

Dependent children

Qualifying occasions for subordinate youngsters are commonly equivalent to for the mate with one expansion; Loss of ward youngster status according to the plan rules.

The business must advise the plan within 30 days of the passing occasion pertinent to there preventative. The representative or recipients must inform the plan if the passing experience is a separate, lawful partition, or a youngster’s deficiency of ward status.

Cost of COBRA Health Insurance

The term “bunch rate” might be inaccurately seen as a rebate offer. However, as a general rule, it might end up being relatively costly. During the work term, the business regularly pays a considerable bit ofthe actual cobra health insurance expense (for instance, a business may pay 80% of charge costs), while the representative pays the rest. Learn more about marketplace health insurance plans and prices.

Dealing with a High COBRA Premium

In case you’re thinking about cobra health insurance coverage, yet you’re worried about the contrasts between the expense of insurance coverage through this program and the expense of insurance withthe help of a business, there are various significant contemplations to remember.

Applying for COBRA Coverage

To start COBRA coverage,individuals must affirm that they are qualified for help as per the prerequisites recorded previously. Ordinarily, an eligible individual will get a letter from either a business or a health safety net provider laying out COBRA benefits. A few people discover this notice hard to comprehend because it incorporates many required legitimate data and language. On the off chance that you have any trouble determining whether you are qualified for cobra health insurance or how to start coverage through this program, contact either the health safety net provider or your previous business’ HR division.

The Bottom Line

COBRA is the right choice for holding cobra health insurance if you lose your boss supported health benefits, and in some cases, it is likewise the ideal alternative. In any case, the expense is frequently high, and the plan isn’t generally the best one to fit a person’s or a family’s necessities.

How Does COBRA Insurance Work?

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Cobra health insurance, the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985, was initiated to provide emergency coverage for employees who receive health insurance through their employer, andfor one reason or another, lose their job (for example, have been laid off) and find themselves without any health coverage. COBRA allows these employees to continue their group insurance coverage if they choose to, even after leaving their position.

How Do You Apply For Cobra Coverage?

After you have been terminated, your employer should provide you with details about how you can obtain cobra health insurance coverage.

Any Specific COBRA Rules?

First, COBRA coverage also applies to the employee’s family. Besides, an employee can either choose to continue with COBRA or choose not to from the moment he has lost his job-he cannot use this coverage intermittently (i.e., start COBRA three months after losing his job-in this case, he will pay retroactively for those three months).

How Long Can I Carry COBRA coverage After My Job Loss?

COBRA coverage can last only a limited amount of time, typically about 18 months. This should give enough time to obtain a different source of cobra health insurance. Hopefully, by then, the recession will be over as well, and the number of employed people would be on the rise. Get more facts about cobra health insurance on

What are the Advantages of Cobra?

The advantage of COBRA is that it prevents an ex-employee from obtaining new health insurance-atleast for a while. The problem is that getting such cobra health insurance And the Disadvantages?Note that although employees are eligible to continue their previous health, dental and vision coverage,the employer no longer needs to sponsor this depending on the employer. This effectively means that the ex-employee pays the full cost of his health coverage, which will be much greater than it used to be.can prevent one from getting treatment for pre-existing conditions. For example, a pregnant woman who is laid off and loses her insurance will have difficulty obtaining new insurance. Thanks to COBRA, however, this is nolonger an issue, as she can continue her existing coverage.

And the Disadvantages?

Note that although employees are eligible to continue their previous health, dental and vision coverage,the employer no longer needs to sponsor this depending on the employer. This effectively means that the ex-employee pays the full cost of his health coverage, which will be much greater than it used to be.

COBRA Health Insurance and the Stimulus Plan

Thanks to the economic stimulus package (which started on February 17, 2009), certain people who lost their jobs are eligible to receive partial payment for their cobra health insurance premium. We will discuss the eligibility criteria in the next article in this series.

Individuals can learn all the most accurate and up-to-date information and resources about COBRA insurance continuation of health coverage and medical insurance benefits. Depending on your age and health, you might be able to get a less-expensive individual private health insurance policy. Opting forless coverage can save some money, but many people still can’t handle the cost, so they go without health insurance. Depending on where you live, the state offers a program for kids under age 18 who have no cobra health insurance. Check with your local health department to see what is available.